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  • Pong-Fu Flyer Design

    Potentially gearing up for a larger event, I was contacted to do a concept design for a flyer that would serve as a marketing effort for a water pong tournament. The tournament would have been a non-profit event benefiting the local university's baseball team. Though this event never was put into action, the end result turned out …

  • Hair by Diane Website

    To promote her company and get a foot in the door, I was asked by my mom to make a website for Hair by Diane. I wanted to create a modern look to the site yet keep the charm that her shop has. The layout is simple, but effective bringing together all of the information …

  • St. Patrick’s and State Patty’s Day

    Getting in the spirit for St. Patrick's Day and more specifically, State Patty's Day, I decided to create a background for my phone. 320×480 – Made for an iPhone, not sure what other device resolutions are Images used: Wood Background Guinness Coaster Four Leaf Clover PSU Logo Download through: State Patty's Day – St. Patrick's …

  • Manning’s

    Mannings is a TV, furniture, and appliances store owned and managed by my grandfather. He has had this store for over 50 years and has never owned a business card. I figured it was about time he got one! For his card, I was debating having his face and portrait as the back, but figured …

  • Hair By Diane

    Hair By Diane is a recent start-up salon created by my mother. Prior to this salon and between other career fields, she has had over 25 years of personal experience owning and running a salon. She finally came to a point where she could re-open her salon and stick to her passion. As I had …

  • Bill Taylor

    Studio and outdoor photography session with model Bill Taylor.

  • Design Official

    Design Official is a mock design team/company created by two colleagues and myself to emulate the structure and teamwork needed in a typical design team. Progressing throughout the time, projects focused on school oriented assignments. We completed various projects all dealing mostly with photography and graphic design. With Design Official, I created a logo, a …

  • Anthony Santiago

    Studio photography session with model Anthony Santiago.

  • Filmore Album Art

    Filmore wanted an album art design, front and back, for their upcoming single release of "City Lights." The member in contact was pretty straight forward with the direction he wanted the design to go, which was demonstrated in the below.

  • Filmore MySpace Design

    Filmore, a band out of Maryland, contacted me to create a MySpace web template for them. They requested a space theme, but did not have much more in mind aside from the content required. The title "Filmore" used on the design was originally provided, but required some cleaning, rebuilding, and adjustment before being added.