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  • minimal.iOS.8

    minimal.iOS updated for iOS 8, minimal.iOS.8 is a Winterboard theme for jailbroken iPhones. Now available on Cydia via the repo. minimal.iOS.8 minimal.iOS.8 on GitHub

  • minimal.iOS.7

    With the recent release of Pangu, I was inspired to get back to work on more icon theming. Behold, the iOS7 version of Winterboard theme minimal.iOS! minimal.iOS.7 on GitHub minimal.iOS.7 on Dribbble

  • Sync your SublimeText2 settings with DropBox

    Check out the details at

  • Frosty Deals, Daily Deal Hub

    Finally launched, is a pet project created by Broc Klein and myself that functions as an aggregator for one-day deals across the web. Project no longer available.

  • hippify Javascript Plugin

    Created this script with the need to swap high resolution images in when high ppi, non-mobile displays are detected. hippify on GitHub

  • minimal.iOS Winterboard Theme

    Recently, I released a Winterboard theme for jailbroken iPhones called minimal.iOS. It's only the lockscreen at this point, but the plan is to theme a great deal of icons and the general phone GUI. minimal.iOS on GitHub

  • iPhone Lock Screen

    Finally got around to updating my lockscreen. Wanted to go with something nice and simple Original lockscreen template with LS Nimbus

  • Asynchronous Javascript Loading

    These posts are going to be short until I reformat all of the previous ones. With that in mind, saved a couple seconds loading time on a project I'm working on by simply loading social media javascript links asynchronously. Easy to implement and cleans the code up quite a bit! Thinking Async on CSS-Tricks

  • Resume

    Updated resume.