How do you find all of those blog posts?

I'm pretty active on Slack (most active, ahem…). I like to chat, because I believe strong communication is super helpful for teams, but it’s also a lot of fun (gifs, memes, etc).

Man saying "shhh"

Straddling that line, I post articles I come across in relevant channels that I think others would appreciate or learn from, and typically they do. Often, I get asked where I find all of these blog posts…

No, I don’t follow all of those random developers. There’s a crazy amount of talented people out there, but luckily, there are other people already taking the time to aggregate all of this awesome content.

This isn’t a complete list, but should get the job done.




Too many to list, check out this handy list I keep up to date:

RSS & Blogs

Feedly free works really well for an RSS reader, but there are many alternatives. If using Feedly, most of these can be searched for when adding a new source.

P.S. If you like any of these, be sure to look if they have a Patreon or something similar and throw them a dollar or $2 a month for their effort. 🙂