Where it started…

Off of an exit on I-80 is Bloomsburg, PA, where I went to school and was raised. After I got done playing with Ninja Turtle and Power Ranger toys, I started tearing open things like AIM and MySpace customizing their UI’s and page designs. This opened the door for me as I quickly began branching off to simple websites and flyers for gaming teams and bands. Expanding on that interest, I went to Penn State University where I got a BA in Integrative Arts.

What I’ve been doing…

  • Snap!Retail

    • Web and Graphic Designer
    • Pittsburgh, PA

    Email campaigns and web advertising for Snap, their partner OneCoast, and both of the company’s retail customers which included brands such as MudPie and Lindsay Phillips

  • Endagraph

    • Graphic Designer
    • Pittsburgh, PA

    Worked on mostly large format projects including trailer advertisements and vehicle wraps for companies such as George Howe, Perdue, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and Wendy’s.

  • ShowClix

    • Web and Graphic Designer
    • Pittsburgh, PA

    Lead the creative and front-end development on front-facing marketing initiatives including a complete redesign of the company’s homepage and sales pages, as well as refreshing brand styles and identity.

  • ThinkGeek

    • Senior UX Designer & Front End Developer
    • Fairfax, VA

    Drove all UX and front end development for a large geek culture ecommerce website.

And what I’m doing now…

Currently, I’m living in Virginia working as a UX Designer & Front End Developer for Element 84.

You can also find me freelancing and messing around with GitHub repos in my free time.